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Oriental aviation is reduced go to surtax of Hong Kong fuel

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Domestic aviation fuel drops suddenly before price National Day, dong Hang already reduced Chinese inland and Hong Kong accordingly on October 1 between the fuel surtax of course, but the ground comes Japanese line inside China is to rise in price however.

Dong Hang goes low to have to oil price anticipate, reduce surtax of international course fuel as a result of foreign airline, also begin to move the fuel surtax of small part line before the National Day, already from October 1 (allow with giving bill date to be) case the fuel surtax of course imposes a standard between land of the home in adjusting and Hong Kong. The fuel surtax of other international and area course is maintained original impose a standard. Watch of Dong Hang that move price shows, international market relatively home lowered aviation fuel price ahead of schedule, hong Kong comes the international airliner of Dong Hang airliner of inland and home of by way of, its fuel surtax compares country only then hair airliner is cheap.

Dong Hang reachs Japan to Chinese inland the fuel surtax of course is to rise in price however, this action and Japanese airline maintained consistent. Airline also is in full day sky the fuel surtax of the Sino-Japanese course airline ticket that official website declared to began to buy on October 1, japan reachs China Hong Kong, Taiwan, inland by the 77 dollars before September 30 (airline ticket is bought with foreign home in Japan) , 8500 yen (airline ticket is bought in Japan) , adjust for 99 dollars (airline ticket is bought with foreign home in Japan) , 10500 yen (airline ticket is bought in Japan) . From the range that China sets out, 8500 yen are when Japan is bought, 77 dollar is when other area is bought. Full day sky is belonged to apparently rise in price behavior, but this company emphasizes " still applying for to concerned government in " .

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