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Should become a cabin and terminal positions Aviation Cultural Communication

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Airline passengers complain they do not understand, in the process of flying experience a problem, passengers will be massive criticism, but this situation much worse. If the incident occurred when the passenger has not boarded the plane, then there may be the ones to suffer the airport. Why this happens, people carried out an analysis from multiple perspectives, but also raised a number of solution. But few people think one important point is that the terminal and cabin of a commercial atmosphere of pervasive, but the point is the lack of understanding of civil aviation industry for passengers culture. When the security of passengers used to hold a small basket of clothing and food placed in the cabin are labeled table in front of the commercial ads, the ads in this overwhelming environment, how the passengers will be what kind of impact? Reporter has witnessed this scene: the passengers waiting in line at an airport security checkpoint placed a row of television sets that can play 3D images, perhaps to emphasize the 3D effect of the TV, the screen play with a gold coins from time to time security checks of passengers waiting in line coming ... ... Intentionally or unintentionally in the airlines and airports for passengers to create a strong business climate, the majority of the passengers is easy to assume that they and the airlines, the airport is the relationship between the business relationship. In other words, he spent a certain amount of money to buy a ticket, we should enjoy the appropriate services. If this service is not what he expected, such as flight delays occur, large aircraft into a small plane, to provide meals taste good, not other components of the problem, large or small, passengers and airlines, the airport's contradictions will be explosive. Therefore, the staff complained about airline, passengers now have more and more "cunning", and do not understand the airline and airport workers, some even to the point of vexatious. Recently, the Civil Aviation Authority of China held in Beijing in 2010, Eric Civil Aviation Forum Aviation Cultural powerful construction and dissemination of Council to establish a speech to the General Assembly, said the terminal, the cabin as resource management, it is the needs of enterprises, but it can not simply be seen as the commercial and service establishments unit, should see that the Civil Aviation Culture and the communication of positions. It can be said cabin and terminal is the public space, both airlines and airports at any time, any place is the first to bear the social responsibility. In his speech, the Secretary, as Eric said, it should begin by strengthening the whole height of the construction industry and cultural understanding, communication from the public to understand the voice of big air, set from the overall image of the industry to understand, from the increase civil society on the understanding and support of this strategy to understand. Can be expected, with industry and cultural development and dissemination of increasing the degree of work to understand and support the Air "good passenger" will be more and more, "Diao visitors" will be less and less.
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