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Beijing gives birth to airline ticket to You Jinxue

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Beijing gives birth to airline ticket to You Jinxue | Beijing arrives ticket of student of You Jinte price | Airline ticket of student studying abroad

Airline ticket sort: This ┑ receives  of  of Ran Zhe 

City setting out: This? Beijing

Reach a city: Ran? Eugene

Airline: Charming of excrement of discharge   exhibits  ? United States to combine airline

One-way: 4000 RMB

Roundtrip: Call please 01065063676

The shortest go there and back: 0 days

The longest go there and back: 1 year

Limit a condition: ? of Juan Xi  is with visa type accurate

Regulation of return a ticket: Once passenger ticket is used, do not allow return a ticket

Regulation of change the date: 1000 RMB

How can just rise study abroad visa becomes power

Above all, whether is the course that visa official will consider applicant provision home to learn above all China with its what learn curricular photograph to join, whether to close with conform to of target of its future profession.

Next, the applicant needs to show enough evidence indicates the initiative that returns the motherland and do not have the toward the country purpose before stopping absolutely, visa official needs to affirm the applicant won't become illegal immigrant in the future.

It is again, domestic situation of the applicant also is one of factors that visa official considers, namely its family what in some specific place lives is durative.

Finally, the applicant is indispensible issue the fund that closes with parents or conform to of economic security income to prove, additional, need the 18 months history that offers bank deposit to record.

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