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Hong Kong holding blank passports to fly discount airline tickets folly cause

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Holding a blank passports to the airport to Hong Kong to apply for immigration formalities, passengers run into such a confused, so that border police some dumbfounding. Two days ago, Ms. Wang came to Beijing dragging a large suitcase frontier inspection site, intended to take the flight after clearance arrived in Hong Kong. But she only produced to the police a blank passports and other documents were not handled. "I only use the passport to transit in Hong Kong can not?" I heard that missing documents, Ms. Wang is also perplexing, because of Beijing Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection Station eventually made without valid immigration documents, the decision to block exit. It turned out that Ms. Wang is the final destination of Guangzhou. This time, she diverted after Hong Kong to Guangzhou, is due to air tickets from Beijing to Hong Kong can enjoy low discounts. But she did not understand because of immigration-related provisions of the relevant documents is not completed but delayed the trip.
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