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Fuel surcharges on international routes increased prices or rising overseas t

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As fuel prices fluctuate, 1, a number of airlines on international routes to increase fuel surcharges to ease pressure on rising oil prices brought operator. Reporter learned from travel agencies in our city, increase the fuel surcharge, increased travel costs, travel agent or the specific rate increases will be based on the international travel expenses to be adjusted. "Fuel surcharges on international routes increased commitment by the passengers." Yantai China International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Liudong Ling said. Day, the reporter from Yantai outbound business travel more than aware of, Air China, Lufthansa, EVA Air and other airlines have begun to increase fuel surcharge. Most of the city in all aspects of tourism resources travel advance purchase, choose early in the 12 months before the international travel of tourists have been booking, travel agents, not going to raise prices of international travel, but travel agents may increase under the rate of fuel cost on the specific travel prices to be adjusted. Followed by reporters in the air international travel, international travel agencies understand Women Yantai, fuel costs increase by year-end ticket prices and other factors, Dec. travel prices was evident. Air International Travel of staff, said the end of each travel booking Hong Kong and Macao, and Xin Matai are more fire, because the airfare and hotel price changes, Hong Kong, Macao and Xin Matai the agency is currently the price of travel is not yet finalized. "Now, Hong Kong and Macao Flying around 5 tour price is about 2700 yuan, the specific price yet to be determined, based on past experience, to the end of the price will rise." Air International Travel Service to the staff.
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