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Due to the time of purchase has not been clear at the tips, 19 yuan, "ticket cancellation insurance" is passenger refers to as "trap" and "fighting nausea package", December 14, Spring Airlines spokesperson said Xinmin Zhang Wuan response, set the original intention of this type of insurance is to protect the rights of passengers to purchase special ticket, passengers within the meaning of various issues, customer service department has been the feedback. Zhang Wuan said ticket cancellation insurance is mainly for the "special fares can not refund," the practice of insurance designed and launched from the end of last year, "If you buy this insurance, even if the passengers are held by special vote, in nine cases can apply for a refund. "In Zhangwu An opinion, the original intention of this insurance is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers. While the passenger was not referring to the insurance purchase option, the default option for the purchase of other issues, Zhang Wuan said, "buy option is now the location of the page in comparison ticket center to confirm the identity under." But also said , has feedback to the customer service department of the passengers, its further processing.
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