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British embassy: Student visa applies for a program to be solved completely

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Since January 1, 2005, all application go to the student visa applicant of British study, in Department For Education And Skills Register Of Education And Training Providers this one branch has registered the educational orgnaization that must affirm its will learn a place henceforth. Any applicant are about to inquire whether the educational orgnaization that application study is in is registered, can visit website Www.dfes.gov.uk/providersregister.

How does this page apply for the student of directive Beijing visa. Begin from Feburary 23, you should apply for a center to submit your application to the British visa of Beijing.

Click here to will help you find British visa to apply for a center to be in the position.

1. After May 1, 2005, the student visa applicant that applies for a center to submit application in visa of Beijing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Jinan please notices, please be sure to above all contact visa applies for a center, so that make an appointment,hand over the specific time of material.

Regard student visa as applicant, express your application case and you please all material belts apply for a center to British visa. To run-of-mill seek advice, call please (010) 6418 5156 and (010) 6418 5733.

2. Anybody can apply for a center to hand over requisition to British visa on behalf of you.

3. The application data that we already will submit according to you undertakes assessment to your application.

4. We need the time of 4-5 day to undertake examine and verify to application, because use new program, this time limits wants to grow a little in first phase likely a few. When you are submitting application, will get one inquires number, use this to inquire number, you can apply for central website Www.ukvac.cn to go up in British visa online inquiry your application progress state. If cannot enter Internet, british visa is called to file the progress case that the center enquires visa is current after you are referring application 2-3 day, phone (010) 6418 5156 and (010) 6418 5733.

Once your application returns British visa to apply for a center, you will be learned whether you obtain visa or be signed by refus, whether to perhaps need to undertake interview.

British embassy has used afore-mentioned programs, raise Chinese student visa to apply the integral standard of the service further thereby, in order to ensure whole application process is more convenient, quick.

The applicant that hopes to obtain student visa can solve in following and common problem useful information obtains in answering:

Whether does the British consulate of Shanghai and Guangzhou also use these new programs?
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