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The United States studies abroad 2005: Rate of visa of? of large of close meat a

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Since this year, american school is compared before more actively comes conduct propaganda of another name for Guangdong Province, brought what abound in great quantities to study abroad data.

Guangdong teachs accepted theory or formulation of annals of Xu of director of international communication service center, the renown school such as business school of college of Niya of law of courtyard of law of university of Stanford business school, haing Buddha, Bin Xi makes an on-the-spot investigation to this center early or late, the fellowship number that give out is very high, a little year of 349 dollars, can amount to above of 10 thousand dollars one much year entire even award.

Rate of applicant much visa is high

As we have learned, through Guangdong education international communication service center and Guangdong open heart education to communicate service company to apply for to go to the number that the United States studies abroad to rise considerably, amplitude is achieved respectively 200% with 30% , and open the autumn is unripe this year visa of heart to lead for 100% .

Guangdong opens heart education to communicate service company to study abroad advisory Jiang Gongliang expresses, even if in as leave the Beijing that learns vane, the United States studies abroad visa relaxes also clearly. Student of a Beijing was asked only when visa this year " go to which school learning what major " , " your parents is what profession " obtained visa, time does not exceed 1 minute, to " what is study purpose " the problem that waits to enquire normally was not involved.

Occupy the introduction additionally, "9 · 11 " later Chinese student has mentality of be afraid of difficulty generally to American policy, but at present the situation already transformed somewhat, in study abroad on national choice more apt United States, very much even person is to cannot go to the United States just choosing other country.

Study abroad next year the number rises again

The personage inside course of study expresses, educational market of the United States will continue to be opened to China, next year visa and study abroad the number still will rise 30% , delay to at least 2008. Xu annals accepted theory or formulation, in light of the information that from the United States many school feedbacks, the student that learns to proofread China special reception, and to maintain the diversity of campus culture, internationalization, the school also certainly will recruits more Chinese students.

Jiang Gongliang is mentioned, the United States is stationed in Shanghai consulate to announce this year, arrive from September 1, 2004 on August 31, 2005, share 77998 applicants to obtain the United States to be not immigrant visa, grow 26% compared to the same period, among them visa of student studying abroad (F1, M1) with visit scholar visa (J1) have 9239, grow 22% compared to the same period. He expresses, from do not calculate for the number much, 1979-1999 year, china studies abroad American number reachs eighteen thousand two hundred person, "9 · 11 " before, the strength that gains visa on average is in about 10 thousand people of 1.3-1.5, go to American visa rate to still can have very large promotion space it is thus clear that.
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