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Refus of American visa official signs Chinese student reason

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For the Chinese kid that studies abroad to planning to go to the United States, whether they care obtain visa successfully most. This period of time, arrived again it seems that the busy season that refus signs, our newspaper receives reader incoming message continuously, diplomatic mission of these United States be blaminged by the Chinese youth that refus signs extend visa existence problem. Be in about this moment last year, the visa that the United States is stationed in Shenyang to always get a house extends the dissatisfaction that the problem ever also caused young student of a lot of China. So, is the United States just how look upon " is refus signed " ? Our newspaper reporter at this point special the advanced visa officer that covered American diplomatic mission. Our print sends relevant content today, in order to offer reader reference.

The course tries hard with all possible means, reporter from American embassy one is obtained over there official of an advanced visa written " view " (English) , have a return with respect to concerned visa problem, its title is " the common misunderstanding that concerns pair of student visa " . Official of this advanced visa points out, extend to Chinese student and scholar visa is the important one part in their job. They also realise, pass the communication of student and scholar, right student, right American university and research organization and have profit to two countries. The visa policy this year and extend the program of visa and requirement and like going a few years, did not change. The visa that visa official extends should be gotten more than what refuse much.

Meanwhile, he still points out, the visa law of executive United States also is their job, sometimes, "Reject to extend the obligation that visa also is us. Experience tells us, the purpose of visa of some people application is improper. According to our understanding, very big after student of one part China goes to the United States learning, stay over to work or settle for a long time. This makes clear strongly, at least some of student that taking student visa leaves the United States innocently. This and our law is inimical. Once we believe the applicant leaves the United States innocently, this asks our refus sends visa. " the means of American says, went to the United States and do not leave the United States by the plan, according to American law, also cannot drive away them, but, once discover those applicants have the purpose that sluggish beauty does not put in 's charge, should their refus at American door outside.

American says, reject to extend the consideration that visa basically has 3 sides: The first, the applicant is honest, whether is offerred document belonged to solid; The 2nd, how to pay costly study fee; The 3rd, whether does the applicant have emigrant tendency. Nevertheless, american also admits, opposite for, 3 afore-mentioned respects, the first judge more easily with the 2nd, and it is very difficult to judge the 3rd.
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