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Italy: Study abroad actor and bad are you fine number

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Fashionable Ba Qiao of giant star of Milan, football, still have Fan Saizhe, Prada, Gucci... have a lot of " world famous brand " Italy, be in studying abroad at one's own expenses is country of an unexpected winner however on the market. According to statistic, 2003, our country was gone to 2004 meaning the student that study abroad has only respectively 40 with 70 people. As 2006 " favorite culture year " those who draw near to communicate with favorite two countries is increasingly close, italy becomes Chinese student gradually the new way of overseas pursue one's studies. It is reported, already nearly 500 students studied abroad 2005 Italy, italian government will offer 1500 to take formal name specified amount for Chinese student again 2006. So, does Chinese student study abroad whether has Italian opportunity matured? What distinctive place does Italian higher education have? What problem does Chinese student union encounter?

Southern net dispatch is increased attract Chinese student strength to learn inborn Italy to study abroad to attract China, the end of the year established foundation of Italian university president technically last year " Ma Kebo Luo Ji delimits " , college of many 40 Italy shares this plan, offer for Chinese student from 3 respects convenient: One, two countries parts to create agency in medium, meaning about the branch, provide advisory service for Chinese student, include the information such as environment of the professional setting of Italian school, learning; 2, the orgnaization will aid financially scholar of a few China to undertake study to orgnaization of meaning scientific research related Italy; 3, the exercitation activity that foundation will orchestrate graduate of college of a few China to enter professional be geared to the needs of the job to Italian enterprise. Italy is stationed in China culture place returns diplomatic mission to cooperate with university of Sa of Buddha Luo Lun, spend a body for Chinese student only custom-built Master project, eductional systme a year, major includes cultural relic protection, artistic design, law and agriculture to wait. In two when hold this year large international education is exhibited on, italy is to form a delegation more ginseng exhibit, ten when include Milanese national university to wait inside famous colleges attend, battle array of it may be said is all-time.

Italy will increase the strength that draws Chinese student. According to the plan, italian government will offer 1500 to take formal name specified amount for Chinese student 2006, many 30 famous college participates in recruit students, include Milanese university, Rome university, Peilugu among them many 70 Italy such as university of college of university, Sa of Buddha Luo Lun is famous and public the school, application job will begin April from next year.

In addition, italy is stationed in Shanghai consulate general to rose to establish visa to apply for a center in Shanghai on November 4 from this year. This visa center is located in inside bank of development of Guangdong of Xu Hui area, the visa that offers all sorts of categories serves, by make an appointment to time accepts application and hand over consulate general in time, consulate general will be mixed in interview of the arrangement inside the shortest time evaluate. In the meantime, italian respect still opened relevant website Www.i-talyvac.cn, applicant can carry the kind of online inquiry or hotline, seasonable understanding applies for a process.
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