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Visa sort and action

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One, the action of visa:

Visa: The attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it on the dominion office home that is a country or the passport that foreign citizen holds or other journey certificate, impression, with expressing to allow its to come in and go out native territory perhaps passes the formalities of territory, also can say the proof that is the type of an attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it that issues them.

Action: Visa is country of a dominion a takes to maintain native sovereign rights, dignity, safety and interest step. Visa is homeland of executive discrepancy of a sovereign state home a of territory management important step. If the citizen of a country hopes other country trip, resident, trade, study abroad etc, outside having passport or viatic certificate except what must have his, another essential condition, must obtain the visa that heads for a country namely. Otherwise, be impossible to embark on a journey.

2, the sort of visa:

Visa presses cent of discrepancy condition property to be commonly: Leave the country visa, entry visa, give entry visa, into leave the country visa, the 6 sort such as reentry condition visa and visa of pass through the territory of a country are fastened. Some countries (area) of the person that the basis applies for visa enter a country main content, it is issued visa cent: Diplomatic visa, official visa, immigrant visa, blame visa of immigrant visa, courteous reception, travel sightseeing visa, job visa, study abroad visa, business affairs visa and family member visa.

Current, the visa cent of most country on the world is: Diplomatic visa, official (official) visa and common visa. Our country's active visa has diplomatic visa, courteous reception visa, official visa and common visa to wait for 4 kinds.

A few kinds of visa introduction sort introduce

Immigrant visa and be not immigrant visa

Of basis applicant enter a country purpose, visa can be divided for immigrant visa and blame immigrant visa. Obtain immigrant visa, it is the toward the country permanent and resident authority before showing the applicant was obtained, in live after certain period, can become the lawful citizen of this country. Immigrant visa of and rather than can be divided for business affairs, service, study abroad, a few sort such as travel, medical treatment.

Instead visa

It is to point to by invite square to call in personnel is gone to afore country management department handles discrepancy situation of home good visa approves a proof, again this country is stationed in the material present such as the passport of along with applicant, application form case China diplomatic and consular missions. Be stationed in China diplomatic and consular missions by approval material, in the visa on applicant passport, relevant section of home of beardless ask for instructions. Say commonly, obtain turn over an autograph to be meant enter a country win approval, be stationed in toward the country before passport deliver China too long time also need not wait after diplomatic mission. Execute the country that signs instead to be in mostly at present Asia, wait like Japan, Korea, Indonesian, Singapore, Malaysia.
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