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Shenzhen joy cereal the 7th international is magic section 11 hold

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"11 " the golden week is coming, shenzhen joy cereal the 7th international is magic the section also opens passion act. Magic section holds to the international this year to innovate ceaselessly, invited the class of more than 30 international that comes from 7 countries and area magic Great Master comes round to display art, introduce the performance form with magic newest bound, at the appointed time, international of Shenzhen joy cereal is magic the section will be roc city the most authoritative international culture communicates grand meeting, 0 distances are circus wagon of unreal of interactive and magic, demon, happy demon unreal big round of drinks swims etc let a tourist gain different demon unreal experience at any time and place, and " the whole world is magic evening party of giant star high-quality goods " assemble the high standards with current world cosmopolitan entertainment is magic high-quality goods.

As we have learned, attend Shenzhen is happy this year cereal the 7th international is magic the person above average that the charmer of the section is each domains, among them, france is magic the Ke Langdan in giant star dust and Walaili, first couplet sleeves will to Shenzhen display act, will bring for broad tourist " reality and magic " wonderful world; The Jonathan David Beisi of magic Great Master that is known as the control with charmer of magic bound pioneer, accepted international to refined dab law reachs magic of excellent innovation craft, will bring magical demon unreal show. Ai Li of Hollywood magic Great Master overcomes · Ba Si, ever won international match large award repeatedly, thespian and magic the expert good fun that is him, the comedy that he will use fascia formula is magic create joy for broad tourist! Still have beautiful interest firm the Weng Dazhi of demon unreal Great Master of magic combination, Petrick Tude and Chinese Macao and his magic elite people... they will be in Shenzhen happy Gu Hao does not have reservation show one's skill, let broad tourist big feast one's eyes on.

Happy cereal diversity of magic section activity, content abounds the 7th international. "11 " during the golden week, the couplet of magic Great Master that comes from each country sleeves piece act " the whole world is magic evening party of giant star high-quality goods " , the world entertainment such as Hollywood, will red mill, Monte Carlo, Las Vegas is cosmopolitan magic high-quality goods, the setting that uses a shock, fashionable gimmick, clever weave, large prop perfect show, dedicate for the tourist the magic theme evening party of a high standards. Close shot is performed everyday inside area of happy cereal garden street is magic, magic, " demon unreal circus wagon " flow is magic etc, 0 distances contact charmer and tourist, whole and happy cereal will be the magic kingdom of a dream; Everyday 3 passion, enthusiastic happy demon unreal is big make one's rounds swims, will show color flowery, use the distinguishing feature that feels dye-in-the-wood, extremely same attractive. (be over)
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