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20 tourist attractions of countrywide: Smooth sandpiper Zhi brags Qiang of badge

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The beautiful river ancient city with picturesque scenery, " the Five Mountains alone beautiful " the Na Yueheng hill, Suzhou that provides Changjiang Delta amorous feelings alone too lake... the brand of Chinese travel resort that held yesterday popularizes a peak can, resort of nearly 20 famous travel takes a settle or live in a strange place into Beijing, entrance ticket of affirmatory golden week does not rise in price.

"' 11 ' golden week entrance ticket also won't rise in price, only accommodation waits recieve the price to may have rise a bit. " on the meeting, the relevant controller of beauty spot of the travel end Yellow River wavelet tells a reporter, although of this scene area optimal visit season to be 67 month, but " 11 " before the golden week still can have a lot of tourists that come from world each district, go to visit. Beautiful river ancient city, Suzhou too the scene division such as hill also shows Ling Yan of lake, Jiangxi, Na Yueheng, entrance ticket won't rise in price during the golden week.

The reporter understands from ministry of country of the brigade in harbor, and other places of beautiful river ancient city, Suzhou, Hangzhou all the time very suffer Beijing tourist to welcome, entrance ticket of each district tourist attraction is stabilized relatively commonly, but travel ground receives cost to be able to rise accordingly, long term travel predicting amplitude is controlled in 1000 yuan. From this month 15 days come 25 days is " 11 " golden week home swims fastigium signing up, remind the tourist that has a travel desire to sign up as early as possible.

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