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The ground with mysterious fault of wood of elfland drawing accept [graph]

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Set out from Lhasa, go up along north of green Tibet highway, the car entered beautiful prairie Tibetan north when male county too. Green is enclothing the earth with all sorts of olive small grass, be just as a tremendous samite carpet. The chain of mountains of green prairie, far, dazzling Xue Feng, deserve to go up the Bai Yun with the sky of azure blue azure blue, unpredicatable configuration, made the picture with general elfland, be charmed making a person unceasingly.

Leave this beautiful llano, arrange a brook to enter gully, to accept wood bad start. The car circles in gully and go up, cross a high mountain. Downy climate is unpredicatable, white cloud of a blue sky a moment ago was on the head, come back to wave namely a black clouds, played small hail immediately, pick up comes in the scrutiny in the palm, about the size like gram, circle, snow-white and glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared. Visible airy cleanness is spent, the hail that accumulates even the hydrosphere in sky also spotless. The car arrives the summit, companions called off surprisingly! The accept wood wrong lake of magical before beauty is panoramic be just as precious jade pool elfland dash forward now at the moment, magnificent sight all receives eye. The accept wood wrong lake that sees sky blue only enchases the llano in green to go up like a tremendous sapphirine. Lake face shows bright-coloured sky blue, bright mirror is general. Far be in group of peaks to surround, snow mountain is continuous, the sky of dark blue is expected to wear canopy, a white Yun Duozi is colorful. Beautiful, accept wood is wrong! We wish go at your bosom. Drive car is downhill, our car is in altitude the amble on the prairie of 4500 meters of above, from time to time sees the snow-white Yang Qun on the prairie is scattered on green carpet like galaxy, from time to time a flock of group black yak is carefree on the careless slope of the foot of a hill contented, short pastoral tent from time to time rises to wave in the wind smoke from kitchen chimneys, good a downy natural draw. Enjoy this magnificent sight of downy nature when you, those who if the poem is picturesque,face this is magical and colorful, you can produce a kind of transcendental and free from vulgarity feeling, comprehend life more deep-seatedly.

Accept wood wrong lake is to enchase a bright phearl on prairie Tibetan north. Lake plane altitude 4700 meters, lake water is clear, accumulate to melt snow completely.

Say according to local Tibetan, the part with the most difficult lake amounts to more than meters 50, exact area is unspecified. Scan widely hopes to be like blue ocean simply, blue waves 10 thousand just, the lake surface with azure vast is rivalled contend for colourful. When alpenglow rises quickly, far hill of the both sides that place a lake is like black, see outline only. Celestial milky white, cream-colored, shallow blue, illuminate of aureate rays of morning or evening sunshine arrives on the Bai Yun of all sorts of appearance, the sky is multicolored, weiwei is grand. Many meters 7100 Tang Dagu reading aloud blueness helps elevation firn of hill all the year round, cloud-kissing, in in relief illumination boast allots a dazzling silver-colored shade awn. Pink clouds overspreads the top in Xue Feng, more what lining holds a Xue Feng in the palm is grand. Auspicious cloud, group hill, Xue Feng fashions inverted image clearly on the lake, place oneself at so magical scene in, a strong artistic appeal pours people heart continuously, lift in the depth of the heart blast a billows is mad billows, it is you and nature be in harmony an organic whole, clear feeling is returned to natural heart to experience.
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