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Natural look lures peak of chastity abundant double breast [graph]

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The double breast peak with solid and forceful spring

"Walk into chastity abundant, as walking into geological park " . This is tourists of a lot of China and foreign countries when setting foot on chastity abundant land, gotten the first impression. Chastity abundant county autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of southwest the Bouyei nationality of Guizhou Province Guizhou is upper, it is development of Chinese karst landforms the most typical, have one of representative areas most. This county churchyard spreads all over the peculiar landscape such as karst gorge, peak forest, stone forest, laky, cave.

Nature uncanny workmanship, in model of churchyard of chastity abundant county marvellous spectacle of a the world -- beautiful " double breast peak " , of this distinct to figure beauty " double breast peak " the geology that be by what rocksy and tourist say is tasted absolutely and on the world the biggest the most beautiful breast.

This is right with nature one integrated mass forever of young and fine-looking female indicative " double breast peak " , be located in churchyard of county of abundant of Guizhou Province chastity, the stone peak form of two stand upright is the same as the woman's plump double breast, and so distinct that let a woman look to blush, the man looked a heartbeat, the person of the Bouyei nationality that is lived to be here by for generations says kindly for " Jungfrau " .

Double breast peak renown Gu Zifeng, and lotus peak, it is 8 highest peak. The relics of Shi Gudao courtyard that there is admire of Tang Ren prince to found below double breast peak. In the random acupuncture point of half wall, involuntary discharge of urine has " rainbow bridge board " relic. On the peak of two sides cliff of the peak, have one grotto, can hold tens of people, according to legend repairs refine to be in for Wu Daoren, the hole does not deposit the exuviate of involuntary discharge of urine of concerned a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest in right minor acupuncture point, reason hole name is " Wu Gong hole " . The spirit that the beauty that the show of lotus of jade of collect of double breast peak, abundant breeds, celestial being rouses, Gu Dongzhi is strange at a suit, it is area of Wu Yi scene the one department view in the intercalary that await a word is gotten the better of.

The double breast peak with plump and fruity summer

Set out from chastity abundant county, the highway artery of edge Guiyang walks north 12 kilometers can see lifelike, figure distinct, charm is fruity " geology is tasted absolutely " double breast peak. Be clear that without what the person can say this pair covers an area of 40 hectare, altitude 1265.8 meters, opposite height 261.8 meters " double breast peak " form at when?

More peculiar be, tourist edge highway all the way before row, watch from different point of view " double breast peak " , can see different age paragraph " double breast peak " , look from the left Guan Fengting that is set in highway, this " double breast peak " seem 20 years old of girls' forceful double breast, take a li of route ahead down highway, seem again 30 to 40 years old of mature females' plump and fruity double breast, continue to go forth, seeing this " double breast peak " resemble the double breed that leaves years mark to sexagenarian woman again. The four seasons is watched also differ somewhat, what look to be shown like the winter is forceful and strong, summer looks more show plump and fruity.
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