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Edible hot water should say Boiled Water, if say Hotwater, can send warm boiled water.

The after that take the door by get member guide.

High-grade dining-room, bigger article should be put in cloakroom, trifling fee is dealt with when leaving.

When bishop trying drink, tip removes goblet, be like flavour extreme difference, can reject to try drink. Before beverage delivers napkin buy at ham.

Read eat sheet to order dishes again from the beginning, can make drink first, look slowly again.

When edible biscuit, applied finger rips a small every time.

From outside to in ordinal the knife and fork with use good platoon.

If have cashier place, put fee on the desk to be able to hold bill to leave.

If service cost is contained on bill, need not pay fee.

When having a thing, do not sound.

Shutting mouth mastication food, do not make food is shown.

When dressing is further from oneself, the person that should ask neighbour does sth for sb, say " please... " .

Before the desert, do not smoke.

If be buffet, please " do according to one's abilities " .

When eating the meat that has character, can take with the hand eat. If want to eat more gracefully, better with the knife still. Secure with broach will be whole flesh (can attend broach day, pin the flesh with broach back) , bone of reoccupy knife edge inserts a person, dissection the flesh. Had better be the edge cuts an edge to eat. When must eating with the hand, meeting attach washs his hands water. Should wash his hands when water and the flesh that take character are carried together, mean " to eat " with the hand please. After taking a thing to eat with finger, put finger in outfit wash one's hands in the bowl of water abluent. When taking general course, if handle points to flyblown, also can ask attendant end to wash one's hands water comes, notice when to washing one's hands, want to be washed gently.

Eat biscuit to be able to dip in flavor juice, eat to flavor repeatedly juice not remnant, it is the courtesy to chef. The attention does not want a biscuit dish " lick " very clean, and the biscuit that should live to already ripped flake with broach fork, dip in to flavorred again juice will eat, it is tasteful course of action.

When foul mouth, must use napkin to wipe, avoid to use oneself handkerchief. Have dinner turns over the inside of to fold to brush, is not flyblown its front. The hand points to those who brush to have dinner towel also is after been wash. If napkin is dirty fierce, attendant to change afresh please.

In top-ranking dining-room, guest besides eat beyond, such as pours wine, arrange tableware, pick up to drop the matter such as the knife and fork on the ground, should let attendant do. Be in abroad, the attendant when dining can ask: "How Is Everything? " if do not have a problem, usable " Good " will express satisfaction.

Be about to enjoy cate and gregarious fun when dining-room has a meal, the meeting that has each silently each is very strange. But ground of act as if there is no one else present makes a racket, also be extremely discourteous behavior. Volume should carry the rate that the other side can hear carefully, do not affect adjacent desk.
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