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Drink the ceremony of coffee

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How to take coffee cup

In the drinkable coffee after eat, it is to use commonly pocket model the cup is filled piece. The cup ear of this kind of cup is lesser, finger cannot be worn go out. But although use bigger mug, also do not cross a cup of ear to carry a cup with finger. Taking a way correctly should be big toe and forefinger hold cup remove cup end again.

How to add candy to coffee

When adding candy to coffee, spoon of saccharic and usable coffee dips, join directly inside the cup; Also can place cube sugar in the close body a side of coffee dish with candy clincher first, reoccupy coffee spoon adds cube sugar in the cup. If use candy clincher or handgrip cube sugar to put directly,enter inside the cup, may make sometimes coffee slop, thereby dirty clothes or tablecloth.

How to use coffee spoon

Coffee spoon uses agitate coffee technically, ought to take it when drinkable coffee. Do not wear with coffee spoon dip ground of coffee spoonful spoonful is drunk slowly, also do not come with coffee spoon dolly is chaliced cube sugar.

Coffee is too hot how to do

The coffee that just has boiled is too hot, can be with coffee spoon in the cup gently the refrigeration that agitate makes, after perhaps waiting for natural refrigeration again drinkable. Try to blow coffee with the mouth cool, be very not cultured movement.

The use of cup dish

Filling the cup dish that puts coffee is tailor-made. They ought to be put in drinkable person the front or on the right side of, cup ear should be pointed to right. When drinking coffee, can take the cup side of coffee with the right hand, left hand is holding coffee dish in the palm gently, slowly tend mouth edge sips gently. Do not hold deglutition of cup, big mouth completely, also do not want bow one's head to go with respect to coffee cup. When drinking coffee, do not give out noise. When adding coffee, do not take coffee cup from inside coffee dish.

Drink coffee and with mug-up

Can eat a few snack with coffee sometimes, but carrying coffee cup single-handed, taking mug-up single-handed, eat to drink a ground to undertake alternately readily. Mug-up ought to be put down when drink coffee, coffee cup is put down when nosh.

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