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What food can be taken with finger feed

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What food can be taken with finger feed?

1. The person that have food wraps in lettuce leaf: Be like 捲 of 鴿 鬆 , 蝦 鬆 , Vietnam spring. . . Etc. If need not finger is taken feed no-goer instead, but need to notice 調flavour makings and touch 醬 to wait avoid drippy desk to go up.

2. 蘆 筍: Can the hand points to deft hold, touch again in sending the entry directly with salad or 調flavour makings, but with appropriate of 為 of 筍 of one branch 蘆.

3. Earth up a flesh: What 這 裡 points to is in order to panbroil 過 , crisp is brittle person. If be taken with knife and fork,feed 將 special inconvenience, not only everything is broken, broach more function of 揮 of 無 law 發, because of this make free with your hand points to 罷!

4. Biscuit: Biscuit is to use a hand to rip commonly eat, what best 別 rips is too big, with one, beautiful of 為 of the person that 兩 mouth can eat. Somebody of the 鮮 outside 國 wraps 來 to eat with tangent plane of knife and fork, if the 內 that be the same as 國 does not have somebody,using 頭 of chopstick 夾 饅 to eat is same argument.

5. Biscuit: The biscuit with 無 what kind of 論 , just all can use a hand just to take greatly eat, unless be you,drop biscuit not carefully 進 in coffee, have to uses 湯 spoon cannot.

6. The corn that boil: Face 對 at the moment pruning corn 時 need not 猶 comfort, can use a hand naturally to be taken, or 許 wipes on a few cream first, like that after its feed 將 盡.

7. 條 of scamper 雞, potato, yam piece, 漢 fort: Everybody knows 這 some the fastfood 類 of place 謂 is to use a hand to catch certainly eat, unless be 這 some on food already 經 drenched too much 調flavour juice.

8. Heart of little pork 捲 , 點: 這 類 food often 會 gives 現 in 會 of 雞 end wine, want to know if take goblet single-handed,host thinks of a guest early certainly, next what kind of food that the of another hand that go can take.

9. Sandwich: Cannot think of? Sandwich also is to use a hand to take eat, unless be the 間 in sandwich included too much 內 appearance, or it is 飽 of 內 look juice is mixed, not 斷 滲 gives 來 .

10. The fruit of 帶 handle: The peach that be like 櫻 , grape, strawberry, can point to with the hand gently clutch lives Xie Bing, like that after an one 顆, eating 優 elegant nature.

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