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Each district cheats subclass body large exposure!

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Last centuries the Changzhou of 90 time, it is the manufacturer of fluid of profess to convinced that a soft-shelled turtle can make choice of turtle of 10 thousand box everywhere. Now, still have medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water of what American ginseng, filling calcium fluid of profess to convinced, strong bone dust, common characteristic is to pack extremely elegant, active ingredient was done not have, price is in 229, it is the popularity on TV ad commonly what, he is imitated what, follow closely tide.

Be being fought in the nest is our Chinese's biggest distress, I myself also am Henan person, also had heard person of a lot of Henan cheats the thing of foreigner, but the friend beside me is special guileless, kind-hearted, I also had not been cheated. Went to abroad, shanghai person is good least of all in foreign fame inlander, seem to hear English is new created a word to call SHANGHAINESE, the meaning shows the person is acerbity and persnickety namely.

When I work, want to introduce my classmate, the boss listens is Shanghai person shakes his head not. Even I went to Shanghai to go ask the way, be in originally of the east, be pointed to by Shanghai person the thing west also has had happened, but I never feel Shanghai person not up to much, my good friend also has person of a lot of Shanghai. It is everybody is opposite only viewpoint of value is not quite same, was familiar with each other also did not feel what.

Why does China have so much cheater? Because market economy is the most important a sincere letter, was not safeguarded well in China and fulfil, of course this says the word is long, as a result of the Chinese originally too pure, shallow-brained, add lazy, be not investigated seriously and analyse, still common love takes the state of mind of petty gain, give cheater very a lot of more space, as a result of media disclose, everybody's vigilance is tall now, cheater nature is not easy and procurable, nevertheless, come so, everybody does not believe stranger, person and person are mutual distrust, also begin to change the thinking of compatriots

Shanghai cheater

Somebody asks: Does Shanghai still have cheater? Have of course, and much. The cheater of Shanghai is the appearance with wealthy person appears commonly, business suit change is walked on, not be the chief delegate that delegate of China of what international company is in, it is the senior staff member of enterprise of what foreign capital, a few foreign language still are placed in Shanghai mandarin, start to talk even if purchase the order for goods of above of ten million dollar. With you deal is the relation because of the friend then, without other condition, prepaid advantage is expended, avoid otherwise talk, have a meal who buys sheet? It is you for certain, to you so large order buys a sheet what to have marvelous. Level of the quality of Shanghai cheater, culture is so top, still know the language that nod ocean the least.
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